I’m Ignited!

I’m back and it’s time to eat crow on the support group post. A lot of it! Our need for support is critical in managing this beast. I’ve gotten my support in a different way, by sitting on a therapist couch once a week. Whoever said African-Americans won’t go to therapy, never met me! OH-and as a side note, I found my super hero support group and they are virtual, http://www.activemsers.org/ I couldn’t believe my eyes!

ActiveMSers is designed to help, motivate, and inspire those with multiple sclerosis to stay as active as possible—physically, intellectually, and socially—regardless of physical limitations.
There’s a lady there who bakes cupcakes because that’s what SHE does. Not everybody rides bikes or swims or climbs mountains but this site motivates you to get off your tosh and DO whatever it is that YOU do! After seeing this site I went to the gym and rode the bike for 6 MINUTES, and on day two, 20 MINUTES!



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2 responses to “I’m Ignited!

  1. Que

    🙂 “Ride, Sally, Ride!” ❤


  2. You will be so proud of me today! I’ll post about it soon. “Ringing Rocks”


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