MS and Nutrition

I am not a professional so what I share with you are only my choices: STOP EATING MEAT. Just sayin.
At the time of my diagnosis my goal was simply to be as healthy as I could so when my body had to deal with an exacerbation it had all of its strength, even down to the cellular level. Little did I know, Dr. Terry Wahls had taken this to a deeper level than even I had considered. With each relapse I realized more and more how much I couldn’t control the disease, so I continued to search for ways to fine-tune my nutritional choices. Dr. Wahls got my attention with “Minding your Mitochondria” She spoke my language! My only reservation, she wants me to eat a little meat. The jury’s still out.

At this point I’m actually a Vegan and have been for about 10 years now. A year ago I gave up sugar. Sugar is the DEVIL. I started to disappear so I relaxed that a bit.
Now in comes one of my young Barristas (I’ll explain that later) and she introduces me to “Forks over Knives” a mind-blowing documentary substantiating the connection between meat, diary and disease.

There are many different thoughts on nutrition, please share yours with me in your comments..


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