MS and Support Groups

I know I’m going to get a lot of flak for this, and if I change my mind ,you’ll be the first to know, for now my take is…don’t go!
It’s me, okay. I know already, I know, I have “sharing” issues. (Yeah right, MISS BLOGGER). My psychiatrist said to me just last week, “I’m going to get you hooked into the support group. I know you don’t want to. I see your ears going back but it could be good for you” (in a very Laverne and Shirley voice) She says “you think you’re in your own little MS purgatory, and you’re not!” I don’t like the image in my head. A bunch of people sitting around in a circle comparing complaints. Makes me think of a group called, “People Helping People”. Who is that, Boys to Men in wheelchairs? You don’t understand, I need a room full of professionals helping me!
You know what would really help, if everybody in the group ran marathons and had MS. That would be a kick ass group. Give me a group full of Super Heroes! That will keep me believing that anything is possible. How about that in a support group Doc?



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5 responses to “MS and Support Groups

  1. Que

    Interesting perspective, nonetheless. No flak from me…I concur.


  2. But remember…support is a MUST!


  3. Anonymous

    I love my support group. We have many informative speakers through out the year. Every once in a while we don’t have anyone. Even on those days I learn something.


  4. Honestly, I wish I had a support group now. The isolation that I ALLOW to build up is pretty bad. The group I attended may just not have been a good fit for me. I would want/need something more “upbeat”. I’ve even (after this post) called the group listed as near me, a couple of times, with no return call,and just gave up.
    Thanks for reading this post and commenting. Because you’ve brought it back to my consciousness…I’ll try again.


  5. I’m so glad to hear this, and honestly…since I wrote this post I’ve thought that I should try a group again. Having trouble finding one in my area. Phone calls not returned 😦
    I’ll try harder 🙂


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