The Farmers Market 2012

Ahhh, the Amish girl is in her spot like she is every week in full garb with her fresh breads and pastries. Yes! and my friend from the Caribbean spot that has the Vegan food I like. They’re all still here. Kevin has brought me back to the farmers market.
He says “look honey, here’s the corner, you’ve got to get out here- quick (he says gently) there are cars behind me and the lights gonna change. I’ll park and be right back!” I can’t think about it or I know I won’t move fast enough or AT ALL so I just do it! Before I know it I’m on the sidewalk by a tree. I’m not hugging the tree (I realize how crazy that would make me look) but I’ve checked it out and I’m close enough so that if I need to use it for balance it’s there. I don’t move an inch.
Kevin finds me. He’s moving fast “Honey I need you to SLOW DOWN” How often does a woman say THAT to a man? (wink, wink) He’s been running, I could tell from the couple getting up off the ground. He was in Mario Andretti Mode trying to get back to me. I take his arm and we walk across the street like an 80 year old couple.
As we carefully step up onto the curb of the farmers market I slow down even more, I stop to get my bearings. It’s all coming at me at once. I try to keep moving, I feel his hand gently pushing me into the crowd but there’s so much to manage. First there’s the sidewalk and it’s unevenness in the changing gradation of the concrete while at the same time there are these feet walking down there. Then there are the children and the dogs on leashes and people sitting in the grass near us, or is that far away? I can’t tell. They seem to be sitting on the ground to me, I may step on them, Oh my goodness I am, they’re there! I stumble, reach…Kevin. The flowers, the tents, the colors, the tables, the crowds, the food, the smells, the talking, the music! OMG…Please just get me out of here!
I don’t know what I said to him. I think nothing but he leds me to a clearing. Last year I would have been all over the place with my camera, and without Kevin. I’m a Photographer, you don’t bring you’re husband…that’s lame! We have the best farmers market in the world. Every week we have special events, tomatoes, or garlic, and every week special activities for the kids. It’s a photographer’s playground.
Our Sat. mornings were so different. I’d kiss him and go rushing off to the market with just my camera and change for parking. He’d be off to yoga with a mat and a water bottle.
Today, I’m exhausted. He takes me home for a nap. He hasn’t been to yoga in a year.
We’ll be back next week.



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2 responses to “The Farmers Market 2012

  1. Que

    I am really enjoying your writing. 🙂 Thank You for deciding to share your life with us.


  2. I really enjoy writing it and I know we need some lighter fare on my oh so serious subject, but do you think Katnis and Peeta are a stretch, making it hard to follow the real issue? Did you see the movie? I REALLY wanted to use the trailer 🙂 I love Katnis!


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