Tide pooling and “The Dream”

My grade school sweetheart is there, Gregory Chatmen, at the vegetable mart. He lives in Southern California now and so do I, (not together Honey) San Bernardino. His kids are visiting and complaining about being bored and like everybody else he’s trying to stretch a dollar, and it hits me! I’ve got the best idea! We throw some water in the cooler in the trunk with some sandwiches and head for the beach. Not the beach really, but this rocky area I know about…agh, you’ll see I tell him. The kids are moaning because we’re not going to Disney. We just turn the radio up to drown them out. We go tide pooling! At the right time of day you catch the tide going out and it’s left these really amazing life forms in little pools among the rocks. When the tide comes back in, it will carry them back out…if they’re lucky. The kids were stoked! They are all over the place. The only rules are, don’t step on the life and don’t touch it. It’s all delicate and some of it may be poisonous (stingers and such). My all time favorite is the beautiful purple iridescent slug that’s as long as my foot. I can’t help but wonder , if this little bit is what washed up, what other beautiful fascinating creatures must be out there under the sea? UGH! I’ll bring my camera for sure tomorrow. Groggy… No there’s that other place tomorrow. Uhh, My mind wanders to the mountains, I see trees… I want to see, yeah…Ringing Rocks, that’s it! Its close, right? I’m going there today!

I look at the clock. It says 4:00 a.m.
That’s rain against my window and it’s dark.
I am dreaming.
Oh and…duh, I have MS and I haven’t seen Gregory Chatmen since grade school.
And…I’m using a cane now and I don’t live in CA anymore.
there will be no tide pooling.



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One response to “Tide pooling and “The Dream”

  1. Call when you go to ringing rocks. And…well you leave me speechless. Love ya.


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