New MS Drug-Aubagio…I have waited all my life for you!

I went to see the Wizard, and the Wizard he told me to wait.

He said “Don’t take the other MS oral medications  Estizer. I know you’ve injected MS medicine for years and have grown weary. I know that you don’t want to go back on any injection, but if you do, for just two or three months, I can promise you there will be a pill. A pill that I will approve, one that has been on the market for some 30 years already. Unlike the others it has a proven safety record. That will be the pill for you, just hold on.”

The Wizard is Dr. Barry Arnason. He’s the head of Neurology at The University of Chicago and he’s been my Neurologist since 1996. We haven’t always agreed, but that’s how I knew he was the best Doctor for me. He could explain his point well, without being condescending, and he would listen to mine. In the end of course, the decision was mine. I’ll never forget the day we met, he wrote me a script for Prozac! I said, “ What the hell is this for?” he said…”You’re crying”. We had a lot to learn about each other,LOL. He did go on to explain that 50% of MS patients are depressed, and since I was crying I was probably depressed.NOT!

My glass is ALWAYS half full.

New MS Oral Medication Aubagio
I Have Waited All My Life For You, Raul Midon


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