New MS Drug –Aubagio…I’ll have to wait even longer!

The Wicked Wizard (Neurologist) of the East (Philadelphia) Instructed his army of flying monkeys to kidnap me and take away my Aubagio dreams…he told me NO AUBAGIO!

Wicked Wizard: “I don’t care what the wizard of Chicago told you, I will wait a YEAR before I prescribe this new MS drug. If you insist, let the Chicago Wizard give it to you! I will not argue.”

Me: (steaming) “I have been taking these shots for TWENTY YEARS, (in my head-you *#@%^) and Aubagio has successfully been used on HUMANS for the last THIRTY YEARS for rheumatoid arthritis, meaning it’s been watched for THIRTY YEARS ALREADY, what more do you want!?”

Wicked Wizard: “I will not argue.”

Flying Monkey: (Associate Doctor, Both hands on chest referring to self) “You know WEeee are the MS specialist.”

Me: “I will not argue either, but I will wait for an explanation that I understand.”

Wizard: “For 30 years they saw how this medicine affected the joints in people, NOT how it affected their brain, and MS affects the brain.”

Me: (still angry) “Deaths are not an issue, right? So, what’s the problem?”

Wizard: “The Blood Brain Barrier! That is the problem!”

Now, the nice little Monkeys make it their business to try to explain to me the Blood, Brain, Barrier. The Wizard, gruffly asks if some internet information would suffice? By now, my eyes have glazed over with all of the medical jargon, but buried underneath all those words I’m still alive. Deep within my brain, I have heard this term. Either, I have taught it, or learned it, but at some point it has been in my academic life! That tiny, tiny sliver of light allows me to laugh at the Wicked Wizard as he and his Flying Monkeys leave the room. I WILL SURVIVE(Donna Summers) I’ll Research the Blood Brain Barrier!

Has anyone else been turned down by their Dr. for Aubagio? How do you feel about it?


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