Part 2: MS and Genetics

Part 2: MS and Genetics
“A Conversation with Myself”
It’s crumbling, right here, right now, right before my eyes. This wall of denial I’ve taken 20 years to build to protect us, just like that… gone. She sat there, my baby, vulnerable and frightened, looking at me.
In that moment I was free from all fear. It was liberating, as though fear had been a monkey on my back and now it was gone. I sat up taller, chest further out…why? I knew instantly that from hiding behind my denial…not facing the fear; I was left weakened and controlled by it. Now, no longer able to use denial as a cover, I became empowered, and yes… my baby was watching me. So FUCK YOU MS! Yeah you’re bigger than me and you present LOTS of challenges, but with each one you give me another opportunity to show my baby strength, courage, dignity, grace and humility. Just a few of the things my mother taught me.
So, no MS, not fuck you…thank you (in a twisted sort of way).


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