Part 3: MS and Genetics “A Conversation with You”

I posed a question in an MS forum that I frequent, “Would you like more information about MS and Genetics posted on my blog?” and the answer was a resounding, yes! There were 73 comments in total but the one that ultimately convinced me to post this was from a young woman who is 29, has MS and because of the uncertainty in regards to the Genetic research, is struggling with whether or not to have children.

I can only say: I am so sorry for your angst. I did not have the time to agonize over MS or genetics as one child was already here and I sat pregnant with the other when the diagnosis was given. I am grateful for that…just as I am grateful for being told that same day, that MS carried no threat to my children genetically.

Many years have passed since my diagnosis and many things have changed. There were no drugs available then. I had to be put on a waiting list for the first disease modifying drug that was being approved. Now there are several disease modifying drugs to choose from. And with just a little faltering, I have been on one of them the entire time. As a parent (and a partner in this with my husband) I felt a huge responsibility to do “my part” to fight this thing with all that was available to me. To keep it at bay for as long as possible, preserving my nervous system until something was discovered! Now there is stem cell research, and just as I am truly beginning to tire of the injections, oral medications are becoming available. There is much to be hopeful for.

That baby, the one with all of my MS tainted genes, got my good ones too, and her Dad’s as well. Be very selective when you chose the Dad! He could bring genes a lot worse than MS. So far she’s been a girl scout, an Honor student and a Drum Major, now she’s in college. When I start to walk “drunk” she’s at my side in seconds holding my hand to steady me and we always laugh.  Imagine that, my teenage daughter holding my hand…in public!

Yes…I am sorry for your angst, but I am happy for your out look. Your unborn baby’s future is bright.

Maybe she’ll even hold your hand.





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