I Like’em Plumpy

I like’em big, I like’em chunky, I like’em big, I like’em plumpy…my veins, that is!

I’m on my way to have my 5th iron infusion and it’s going great! What can I say; I get snacks, talk to people and make friends. What could be better?

The actual procedure is no big deal. I’m not a big fan of needles, but who is? This is how it works; the iron is in a bag and hooked up to me by way of intravenous injection (IV). My first week was for 2 hours, after that I have one hour for five consecutive weeks. I’m sure that varies based upon your needs. I go well hydrated. It helps my veins plump up; and I want plump veins! The nurses can find them easier that way for the IV, so… I like’em big, I like’em chunky, I like’em big, I like’em plumpy!

I Like'em Big, I Like'em Chunky

I Like’em Big, I Like’em Chunky

What do you do to make you medical visits tolerable?
Are any of the MS med.s administered like this? Are they working for you?




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2 responses to “I Like’em Plumpy

  1. LOVE IT!! You’re a great writer – very clear and relatable – and FUNNY!! Thanks for doing what your doing. All my best!!


  2. Glad you liked it! I’m having a lot of fun writing it.


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