Girls, Girls, Girls

Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls
“Who be the queen of the ball
I know shit like a fly on the wall
So legit, I don’t quit when I fall” Santigold

Today was amazing, and for no special reason; it just was! I didn’t even leave the house. I called my neurologist about my disability insurance forms and I expect he’ll be uncooperative, so that part you’d think would have sucked, and it did; but at the end of the day…I still feel great, pretty resilient. I do not control what the day will bring but, I can control my joy, and I liiiike it.

I did spend a little time reading some MS forums tonight; not too much time. I came across some newly diagnosed MSers. Their stories made me reflect upon my own life with MS, strangely enough, that made me feel good. You can’t take MS away from me without taking all that it has taught me; and if you did that, you would lessen in many ways the quality of my life; and that of my children and my husband. MS has taught me to be patient and more loving, less volatile and more kind. I HAD to become those things, or it would have ravaged my body at a rapid and vicious pace.

Most people stricken with MS are “girls”; we are also born with a certain tenacity, resilience and strength. We do not control what MS will bring but, we can control our joy, and we liiiike it!

"Who Be the Queen Of the Ball"

“Who Be the Queen Of the Ball”

“Who Be the Queen of the Ball”

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3 responses to “Girls, Girls, Girls

  1. Precisely. We cannot control our MS but we can certainly control how we deal with it. Great post!


  2. Always working on this!
    Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Christie,
    Thanks for your thoughts.Once I realized this, things got much better.
    Hope you’re having a good day.


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