“WAIT!! Can I talk?”…my MRI


I’m on the table, all strapped down and the conversation goes:

Nurse: “What kind of music would you like to listen to?”

Me:“None, I’m okay.”

As they begin to roll me in I say

Me: “WAIT!! Can I talk while I’m in here?”

Nurse: “Whaaat?”

Me: “I have to rehearse my script!”

Nurse (puzzled): “Only if you’re talking to us, and that’s when we ask you something.” Walks away with a huff!

So FINE! I say my script to myself, but I’m sure when I got to the part where I, snap my head and put my hand on my hip…the MRI picture of my brain will be a liiiitle bit fuzzy :/

I’ve had so many MRI’s of my brain I just go to sleep, but not today! The play is in just 3 days.

Oh, the MRI? Not a big deal. I’ve seen a “new” neurologist, and of course he wants new pictures. I haven’t decided to give him the job yet. He’s still in the probationary stage, but he’s got potential. He’s pushing all new meds. THAT takes me some time to research and consider, so, he’ll just have to be patient. Right now…I’ve got a PLAY TO DO!!

CLICK HERE for the MUST SEE Video: Understanding your MRI

How many MRI’s have you had?

Were you diagnosed without an MRI?

COMMENTS:I’d love to know your thoughts.



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2 responses to ““WAIT!! Can I talk?”…my MRI

  1. Tink

    I Love how you are interviewing them!! YOU GO GIRL!!


  2. Tink, I’ve had so many doctors, I’ve learned; some are good, some are bad, and some are great! I know what I want and if they can’t give it to me, it’s a waste of my time; so now…I get right to it 🙂


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