Monsters, INC.

There are monsters in my closet, waiting to emerge.


“You’ve got active lesions in your brain”. That’s what my neurologist said to me as we looked at my brain MRI. My response: “So what…that means nothing, you’ve probably got’em in your brain too. Have you ever looked?”

I learned a long time ago that MS symptoms and lesions didn’t necessarily go hand in hand. You could have symptoms with no lesions, or lesions with no symptoms. You could have many lesions with very mild symptoms, or a few lesions with lots of symptoms.  So…I think the “monster in my closet” approach is one way that doctors try to scare new patients into taking these disease modifying drugs(DMD).

Don’t get me wrong; I love the drugs! I’ve been on them since they were first approved by the FDA. I believe they are ONE of the reasons that in the twenty years that I’ve had RRMS, I have not progressed to SPMS. Statistically 50% of all patients 10 years into the disease, do progress from RRMS to SPMS. I wonder if that statistic was calculated before the development of the first disease modifying drug in 1994. If so, I would expect that statistic to be even better for patients diagnosed after 1994 who have had the benefit of these drugs.

The good news is active lesions along with symptoms, means that I’ve NOT progressed into SPMS. If I were symptomatic, with NO active lesions this far into the disease, that would be indication that I had moved from RRMS into SPMS. So, YAY for my active lesions! This also says to me, this relapse will end (remit).

The moral of this story is…make no decision out of fear. I will choose a new DMD very soon; not because there are monsters in my closet waiting to emerge, but, because I believe these drugs have had a positive effect on the course of my disease.


Thoughts and Comments:

Have you decided to use any of the DMD’s?

If so,do you feel that they have helped at all?

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10 responses to “Monsters, INC.

  1. I saw you dropped by my spot and wanted to return the favor. I really liked what I found here. As you may remember I’m SPMS and think you did a great job explaining it.


  2. That’s one of the things about you that struck me most. You live your life, and write about it, in such a way that seems…less frightening.
    Thank you


  3. If you’d like we can stay in touch, you are the only other black American blogger I’m aware of in the South! you can contact me at


  4. I LOVE this analogy! Monsters in the closet are the worst part of MS I think. The fear of the unknown. My son loves Monster”s Inc so this resonated with me. I think one of the coolest parts of this blog is that in the end most of the monsters were harmless. 🙂


  5. Love your analogy and love and admire your attitude.


  6. Thanks! Before this movie came out, I could only describe the fear as having a snake in my kitchen cabinet:/ Snakes scare me to death, and if one were in my cabinet I would have a heart attack. But it’s like MS; it creeps out, shows it’s head, and then scurries away. Like MS…you finally just have to accept the snake.


  7. My analogy has “evolved” (LOL) I have lots of them; this was the best one for my blog! hahaha


  8. Amen. I think that’s another great analogy. 🙂 We had one in our blinds once when I was a kid. It was horrible! But luckily we learned when we captured it, it was just a REALLY big non-venomous snake . . . but hey, to me a snake is a snake is a snake. lol


  9. O…M…G!! I can only imagine the scream that day! LOL


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