My Board of Directors

The Board-MS Open Mic: President-Estizer Smith Member 1- Estizer Smith, Member 2- Estizer Smith, Member 3- Estizer Smith, Member 4- Estizer Smith

MS Open Mic Board: President-Estizer Smith
Members: Estizer Smith, Estizer Smith, Estizer Smith, Estizer Smith

I began this blog as a “non-profit” organization with Articles of Cooperation, a board of directors and everything. We made the mission statement and set the goals. I began to crank out posts. Prior to the publication of every post, we meet for the board to review it. They are vicious! Many of my post land on the floor, others are edited to the bone and I am left with nothing. As pissed off as I can become with them and as much as we argue, this actually works very well. It weeds out all of the posts that don’t align with the mission statement and goals, which are clearly stated by the board:

“We strive to share information about the disease, Multiple Sclerosis, that is accurate, enlightening, uplifting, and when possible, humorous.”

MS is known to be a frightening disease. There is no bigger fear than fear of the unknown.

Be aware, some of our posts are not “real time”. Every board member contributes and facilitates me with the content, by offering their own personal experience with MS. Some of what you read may have occurred in different states (no one is international yet) in different states of mind, and at different times. We have a combined 20 years of experience, bringing to the table many different insights and perspectives. A few are:

1. What it’s like to be newly diagnosed.

2. Life style changes.

3. Effect on personal relationships.

4. Effect on family and work life.

5. Maintaining mental and physical well being.

6. Transitioning from Relapsing Remitting MS to Primary Relapsing MS…or not.

7. Effective communication with your doctor.

8. Aging with MS.

Our goal is to help you face your fear.

 Board President-Estizer Smith Board Members-Estizer Smith, Estizer Smith, Estizer Smith, Estizer Smith

Board President-Estizer Smith
Board Members-Estizer Smith, Estizer Smith, Estizer Smith,
Estizer Smith

  • DisclaimerWhen I began writing my blog I was extremely frustrated. I wanted to write from a point of education, inspiration and humor. This happened to be much more difficult than I had imagined.  I struggled endlessly with what to write. More importantly, how to write it staying true to my goals. I explained to a friend that I felt as if there was a committee in my head, arguing about every post! Little people, and before I could post anything, they all had to agree that it met my goals!
  • Comments and Thoughts: What else would you like for us to write about? What is your greatest MS fear?


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5 responses to “My Board of Directors

  1. Cool! I LOVE THAT PICTURE! You are truly an artist!


  2. That picture and concept are so creative and original. I salute you on your blog. Truly inspired! Truly you!


  3. Thanks so much! I really do enjoy it. Please…visit often:) I’m trying to develop a regular schedule.


  4. Patrick you know I love it when you visit:) This pic was a lot of fun:)


  5. An inspired post and I love the picture! 🙂


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