MS: Like Mother like Daughter

Like Mother like Daughter

Like Mother like Daughter

Oh God NO…say it ain’t so!

We’re going to a neurologist today for my daughter to be seen. I thought I was okay, but I’m not. My stomach is upset and I’m on the edge of imploding. I’m falling apart just writing this. I’m trying so hard not to.  I know if I do, I won’t be able to stop…ever. I’ll be in pieces (or puddles) when she needs me NOT to be.

Because of an episode of what could have been optic neuritis, she needs an MRI and blood work. I allow myself to hit a “low”. It’s okay for me to do this, I deserve it. I just need to be careful not to let anyone in my family see me there. I really hate what this disease is doing to my family and I hate that I brought it here. If I didn’t have this disease we wouldn’t have even considered it. We wouldn’t know what MS was. We would just assume her temporary loss of vision was a migraine, or maybe a concussion that resulted from a soccer play.

What don't you understand about...NO!

What don’t you understand about…NO!

What do I do?  The only thing I can. When MS is the hammer, everything is a nail.The Nail That Sticks Out the Most

Okay, I cannot stay here! It’s time to change the recorded message in my head, before it becomes permanent. If I’m gonna talk the talk, it’s time to walk the walk. I’ve advised young couples dealing with MS who are concerned about genetics that:

1. More than 80% of people with MS DO NOT have a first degree relative (parent or sibling).

2. Scientists now believe that a person is susceptible to multiple sclerosis only if they inherit an unlucky combination of numerous genes.

3. Risk for MS is also affected in part by a person’s ethnic background and other factors such as something environmental or a virus. A “perfect storm” has to occur for a person to develop MS. Several of the believed causes must intersect in a person. It is not known what those combinations might be. As a matter of fact, it is known to be not just one specific combination.

4.If caught early, and the young person has access to one of the disease modifying drugs, the nervous system might possibly be preserved until a cure is discovered. I believe that is right around the corner.

To make a long post, short, Dad and I took her back for the MRI review. We had to wait almost an hour for our Neurologist to show up, I was a nervous wreck. She walks into the exam room and my only thought is, “Oh God NO…say it ain’t so!” Then the Doctor says to our daughter…” You have a beautiful brain”.  I burst into tears 🙂

Thank you God!

Thank you God!

Thoughts and Comments: Does anyone in your family have MS?

Are you a parent? Do you worry that your children will also have MS?

Do you NOT have children because you worry about them having MS?


National MS Society on Genetics

National MS Society on Disease Modifying Medications (PDF)

Mayo Clinic on Optic Neuritis




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15 responses to “MS: Like Mother like Daughter

  1. Oh, girl! BIG hug! I am SO glad to hear that your daughter has a “Beautiful brain!” 🙂 I’m tempted to Andy Warhol the MRI of mine and make my lesions rainbow colored. 🙂


  2. Thanks Laura, you can imagine the sigh of relief!


  3. As a mommy of five, I sure can, dear! 🙂 God is good!


  4. I’m so happy to hear that your daughter is okay. You are a wonderful person and an inspirational example of how to live with MS. I enjoy your blogs because they are real and from the heart. Take care of yourself!!


  5. Cat

    Reading this made me cry because I clearly understand the angst…my five year old has had several health issues in the last year (and 3months) and its heart breaking when no one seems to know the cause…So happy that you and Lil’ E got such wonderful news!! Beautiful brain, indeed 🙂


  6. Hugs for you. I’m happy for you and your daughter!!!!
    My daughter’s MS started with Optic Neuritis and I know of this fear.


  7. Thanks so much Tink. Fear of the unknown is huge. My MS has helped a lot…dealing with this type of fear. It has given me lots of practice.


  8. Is this “my” Cat? My heart goes out to you and you know already what I believe…you can handle anything and everything happens for a reason. This will make you stronger and more grounded. Breathe a lot. Be still. This will also intensify your mother/ daughter relationship. You will taste the sweetness in every moment.


  9. You can imagine my relief! You try to be “strong” at times like this but, I realize there is a reason for everything. So, if I’m not strong, there is a reason for that too. I want my daughter to “see” all of me.
    I am so glad you enjoy my blog:) I really enjoy writing it, and it helps a lot too. It gives me reason to focus and communicate.


  10. So glad your daughter has a ‘beautiful brain’. Relate to when MS is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!


  11. YES! let’s give it up for beautiful brains!
    OH…and don’t you hate having a hammer??


  12. Cat

    Thanks Mrs. Smith! And, yes, this is your Cat. 🙂


  13. Hey Sweetie 🙂 I knew it!


  14. K4Skegee

    I waited too long to stop this way for open mic. So thankful for you and each post. I know you as only strong and extraordinary. I like that each posts speaks of real experiences from the most honest place, which the doctor said best… your beautiful brain!


  15. You encourage me always…and I love you!


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