Just SAY IT!

I spent most of today working on my first video Blog and boy was it tuff.


My subject was “What is MS?” That part was easy. I found myself frustrated with all the details. I thought of how frustrated I was a year ago starting this Blog. Admittedly, my MS had definitely caused me to have cognitive issues. So much so that during my recent relapse I began to speak very slowly. My brain was having to work harder to transcribe my thought into language, and concentration…you could forget it. I used/use the blog to exercise my brain. My family never made me feel slow or tried to rush my statements. Clearly though, something was wrong with Mom.

Helpful: We had a family meeting where I told them just how much more this relapse was affecting me and in what ways, all very obvious at the time. It made a difference for me to sit down with them and SAY IT. I had to say, “I can no longer do this, this, and this. It hurts me to try. I need your help.” The meeting made it official. It wasn’t a pity party, although I was crying a lot. It was a matter of fact assessment of where I was at the moment.  I continue everyday to push myself physically and mentally to fight this disease. Whatever it takes! So VIDEO Blog…I’ll be back!

Just SAY IT!

Resources: I can’t make my WordPress link button work right now! Completely baffled:/  The link and unlink buttons are not highlighted, so their dead 😦


Thoughts and Comments: Is there anything you’ve done to help your family understand? Help me out!



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4 responses to “Just SAY IT!

  1. Can’t wait to watch your video!


  2. jazzycee

    If you EVER need help with anything, let me know. I’ve retired and have plenty of time!! Take care.


  3. Hi Jazzycee:) If you are who I think you are (LOL) I do need help! I need your help going to the Flea Market this Sat. morning (LOL) Last year it was an awful experience. My symptoms were over the top and I was sure I’d never go back. The wonderful thing is, I have that as a benchmark for my I’ve improved. So let’s GO!
    Gee, it’s also a benchmark for my blogging improvement(LOL) I can’t believe how LONG that post is:)


  4. Hi Patrick, I’m excited about it. Stay tuned:)


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