Don’t think, just write!

I realize this has nothing to do specifically with MS, but it can be applied to life in general: “I also believe that sometimes all we need is a little bit of confidence. We can be better, smarter or faster than we are.



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4 responses to “Don’t think, just write!

  1. Angela

    I really needed this right now… I have written my story 10 times, 10 different ways and all 10 copies leave me saying I wouldn’t read past chapter two… I have a story to tell and will one day tell it… Maybe by the 20th rewrite.. I try to tell myself writing is rewriting, and I am willing to rewrite 100 times till I tell my story my way….Thanks…


  2. Angela,
    Please be sure to let me read your story! and you don’t have to wait until you think it’s perfect. There’s growth in sharing 🙂
    Keep writing,


  3. Kim

    I guess we all have a story….this is a good reminder of it


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