This Storm is Passing

This Storm is Passing and not a minute too soon!


My friend Brenda Huston Fortna and I, out taking pictures during the 2010 blizzard in Pennsylvania.

What I’ve been wanting to say lately is that…I’m getting better. I am here to remind you that Relapsing Remitting MS (RRMS) is just that, a relapse followed by remittance. When you’re dealing with a relapse, even the best of us lose sight of the remitting part, and holding on to that is what gets me through and pulls me out.

I’d gone 10 years without anything major happening. I managed to do really great things. These were physical things, constantly proving to myself that I was okay. I pushed the envelope and it felt great. Then all hell broke loose. We’re talking cane, wheelchair, and back again. The cane still provides security but, it too, will have to go. They say that recovery is never 100%. I say that’s debatable. A relapse long ago caused me to lose SOME hearing in my left ear. When I remitted 100%, my Neurologist explained that if tested, it would show that SOME lose remained. What do I care about that? I could still hear a kid in my classroom trying to whisper during a test. Double vision…gone. Vertigo…gone! Crazy gait…gone! Leg spasms…gone! Needles and pins (dysesthesias)…gone!  Speech problems…gone! Last year this time I couldn’t make it through the Farmer’s market…now I go into New York City! I’m ready (almost) to push the envelope again, and not a minute too soon.

Don’t get me wrong, there will always be something to remind me that I have MS. That something changes like the weather. With RRMS it’s very important that we remember and EXPECT that, storms do pass.

COMMENTS: What’s been your experience with remitting? Have you found symptoms that have not remitted? Was the transmission to permanance as difficult as you imagined?



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3 responses to “This Storm is Passing

  1. VERY happy to hear this! YAY!!!


  2. Thanks Olivia:) How’s it going? We should have coffee soon :))


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