The Farmers Market-2013

Apple Ridge Farm

Apple Ridge Farm

My quaint hometown of Easton, PA has the oldest continuous running open-air Farmer’s Market in the country, and the best. It began in 1732.  Today, I used it as a test. I went last year  and I felt like Katnis, in “The Hunger Games” trying to get out alive. It was treacherous. My balance was horrible and it was worsened by the cobblestone walk, the flowers, the tents, the colors, the tables, the crowds, the food, the smells, the talking, the music! It was sensory overload. I got home in tears, vowing to never leave the house again.

Now…I think I’m ready to go back in.

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Now that the day is over, I am still alive. Not heroic, but alive. Not in tears, just tired.

My goal is to attain a level of ability that allows me to move through the world unencumbered. To move, to walk, to work.  That is my goal.
VENDORS in SLIDESHOW: Apple Ridge Farms, Easton Salsa Company, Artist’s in the Alley

COMMENTS: What is your benchmark for good health? What is your goal? What are you doing to get better? What do you use to indicate that you are doing your best?


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