Alzheimer’s Awareness: “Life alone, and trapped inside.”

The best part of my BFF weekend came on Sunday when Michele put me on her Alzheimer’s Walkathon Team!

Alzheimer's Awareness Bracelet to be given away Thursday. You must only  "like" my page here, and then share the link on facebook. GOOD LUCK! Winner will be chosen Thursday around 5pm.

Alzheimer’s Awareness Bracelet to be given away Thursday. You must only “follow” my page here, and then share the link on facebook.
GOOD LUCK! Winner will be chosen Thursday around 5pm.

I got a matching T-Shirt and everything ( a little too nippy for me to WEAR). I’m better these days at knowing my limits.  Even though we came prepared with a really cool walker, that has a seat for me to rest on when needed, I opted to let it hold my super heavy camera bag so that I could push IT around.  I didn’t  walk, but I did get some  shots while THEY walked.

Alzheimer's Awareness Walkathon, 10/13

Alzheimer’s Awareness Walkathon, 10/13

It was a beautiful fall day. The walkers were excited and the air was steeped with love. I’d say everyone there, was or is, very close to someone suffering from this dreadful disease. They walked for their Mothers and Fathers, Husbands and Wives, Grandmas and Grandpas, Sisters, Brothers, neighbors, and for their CHILDREN. Finding a cure for Alzheimers now, guarantees that their children will never have to suffer this loss of freedom at the end of their journey. It is much like being alone, trapped inside one’s own head.

Of course I met lots of people, but, the couple I was most drawn to was Bob and Tanya.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHis father died from Alzheimers and her brother is suffering now, with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I understand better than some, the need to find a cure. I don’t think for one minute that Alzheimers, MS, Parkinsons, Autism, and a myriad of other diseases that mysteriously affect the brain, are NOT related. To unlock the mystery of one is to shed light on the others with a domino effect.

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Often times Alzheimers is misunderstood, and thought to simply be a loss of memory. Please view the video below to see a more firsthand account of life alone, and trapped inside.

A bit of awareness, knowledge and understanding, puts us all in a position to be more compassionate.

COMMENTS: Who have you had in your circle stricken with Alzheimers and what was your experience like? What advice might you have for others about to give care to a loved one with this disease?



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2 responses to “Alzheimer’s Awareness: “Life alone, and trapped inside.”

  1. My mother’s sister and now my father! I don’t know how to feel for now. I will take it one day at a time & just show/feel the love!


  2. I’m with you. My love and support go out to you ❤ Meanwhile, I PRAY for a cure for this dreadful disease. At a minimum…some relief for those who suffer. Sooo many discoveries and medications are being discovered as we speak/type. We must remain hopeful!


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