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Mrs. Smith’s Magic Schoolbus

Mrs. Smith’s Magic Schoolbus!


My perfect job!

If you are anything like me, when you work…you fantasize about being able to NOT work. I felt like that, and I’m in the small percentage of people that LOVED their job! I’ve been to the other side now, and it ain’t that great.

So here I am, back in my element with the kids. My MS (after a nosedive like no other) is going back into remission (if that’s possible).  Not working is actually making me sick now. I think that’s when you know. Being at home BECAUSE I am sick, felt necessary in order for me to function and be well. Not working now that I can is actually making (keeping) me sick.

Knowing that I can’t do what I did, my task was to consider what I can do and examine the job possibilities out there that align with what I need.


1)      I need part time

2)      Not too physically demanding (Barista is out)

3)      Physically demanding. A desk job or a work at home computer job is out. When you’ve been at home and limited in what you can do for so long, being out and physical becomes very important

4)      Continuous interaction with people. Kids have been my group of choice. They give me positive energy and there is no adult cattiness. I like being the one in charge. I like setting the tone.

School Bus Driver! My perfect job! I started two weeks ago and I am loving it already 🙂 The training is quite extensive. I am at the beginning of it but, I can see it now! Mrs. Smith’s Magic School Bus

Humor me and watch this video. I’ve followed Mrs. Fritz on countless science adventures.

Any and all children you have access to should watch with you. Yes, that means you, Dominique, Gaven, Tahlia, Raven and Phalyn! Leave a comment and tell me if you liked it.

Comments from adults are welcome too:

Have you found yourself going back to work? Have you changed work environments completely? Have you disclosed any information about your MS (or other chronic illness)?



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Who won the bracelet??

The wonderful winners of the Alzheimer’s Awareness Bracelets are…..(drum-roll please)

lishala and mickcgorman

To receive the bracelet,these two people must leave a private message (comment) telling me their mailing address within 24 hours of the announcement being posted. If I don’t get this, it will go to the next person, so be SURE to check back!

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November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month! I’ve got a bracelet that says Alzheimer’s Awareness that I’d LOVE to give away.

Alzheimer's Awareness Bracelet to be given away Thursday. You must only  "like" my page here, and then share the link on facebook. GOOD LUCK! Winner will be chosen Thursday around 5pm.

Alzheimer’s Awareness Bracelet to be given away Friday

All you need to do for a chance to get this bracelet is:

1)     “Like” this post and follow my blog, That’s it!

I don’t think for one minute that Alzheimers, MS, Parkinsons, Autism, and a myriad of other diseases that mysteriously affect the brain, are NOT related. To unlock the mystery of one is to shed light on the others with a domino effect.

I believe that a bit of awareness, knowledge and understanding, puts us all in a better position to be more compassionate.

I will announce the lucky person on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013 at approximately 6:00 p.m.

To receive bracelet, that person must leave a private message (comment) telling me your mailing address within 24 hours of the announcement being posted. If I don’t get this, it will go to the next person, so be SURE to check back!

Wanna be nice? Please reblog this post so that YOUR followers will have the chance to get this great bracelet and spread the awareness just a little more!

Twelve Minutes of what it’s REALLY like to live with Alzheimers. Please watch.

COMMENT : Please leave a comment describing your connection with someone who is or was suffering from Alzheimers OR a caregiver.


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MS : Re-entering the Atmosphere!

Re-entering the work-force is like re-entering the atmosphere, and I’m going in like Sandra Bullock in the movie “Gravity”


“Gravity” Movie Trailer

It’s violent and unstable; her shuttle burns up and falls apart all around her. She’s not sure if she’s gonna make it, but, her only choice is… Well, it IS a movie, but that pretty much sums it up.

Back in my real world, I’ve got a JOB! I haven’t been this excited about having a job since I was sixteen and one day. That’s when I began stalking the manager of our local grocery store, “Big Bear”. He made the mistake of telling me that I’d have to be 16, and I WAS.

I can’t finish this post now, or do anything else because, I have a job:) That means its 5 minutes til 8 and I have to go to bed at 8. Why, because I need to be up at 4 to practice mindfulness meditation for 30 minutes, stretch (with a teeny bit of yoga) , dress, have a muffin with tea, take my Tecfidera and Ampyra, leave the house at 6. Work til 9, am home by 9:30, big breakfast at 10 and sleep at 11. Wake at 12,  groggy til 1, leave for work again at 1:30. Work til 4, gym by 4:30, exercise bike for 30 minutes, leave by 5:30, home by 6, dinner at 7, take Tecfidera and Ampyra, shower and bed by 8.

BOY, I want to finish this, but I can’t. I’ve got SO much more to tell you :)Like: Why now? What have my doctors said? How much have I revealed about my MS?

Please come back soon:)

COMMENTS: What do you think my job is?

Hints: Must leave the house and be physical (no stay at home-computer work), must engage people, love kids, must require few hours(part-time), relatively low stress.


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