I want an MRI :/


I see my Neurologist today and I’m actually going to ask for an MRI.Fotosearch_k2478801 I’ve been on Tecfidera for quite awhile now and I’d like a comparison picture, a before and after if you will. I’m sure I had one just before I started the new drug. We’ll see what they say.
It’s time now to make that list, the one of symptoms since my last visit. I always seem to forget at least one while I’m there. Because I try to focus on the positive, “in my mind” I make small of issues when they’ve gone away. I’m learning to not “blow them off”. Who knows, maybe they can tell me something helpful. Like how to avoid that wall even when I see it coming!

What helps me to get through an MRI is definitely MEDITATION. If you haven’t tried it already…you should!

COMMENTS: What helps you get through an MRI?



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2 responses to “I want an MRI :/

  1. Prayer! I don’t have MS, but I’ve recently had 2 MRIs on my left shoulder and right elbow. The shoulder was my first experience with an “open” MRI. I was not prepared and I freaked out. I can’t imagine what I would have done in a “closed” MRI tube. A prayer, a hot flash and a trip to the bathroom later, we started over.

    P.S. I love your blog!


  2. You are too funny, with the prayer and the hotflash! LOL
    Although I know you are serious:)
    I’ve had SOOO many MRI’s that it’s really no big deal now, but I never thought about a hot flash in there! I hope you didn’t just jinx me (LOL) This time of year I’m usually learning a script for one-thing or the other, so I use the time too to practice. Check out last years post http://msopenmic.com/2013/03/13/wait-can-i-talk-my-mri/:))My doctor was planning for me to have my annual, found that out on yesterdays visit. WOO HOO!
    Annnd I’m so glad you read and like the blog. Sometimes I wonder about “putting it all out there”, but…oh well:/ You know me, and I talk a lot anyway. The internet makes it kinda weird , but, I’m hoping that someone else will feel better because I’ve shared.


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