Van Gogh sucked too!

Anyone great at anything probably “sucked” at first. Take Vincent Van Gogh, he only sold one painting before he died.van-gogh-starry-nights-1There’s Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey,  Jay Z and…me:) Have faith in yourself if no one else does.

When I took my first Biology class in college, I got an “F”. It never occurred to me to change my major. I don’t even remember thinking there was anything wrong:/ Not with me anyway. As an elementary school substitute teacher, I told a class that they had, “really pissed me off”. How was I supposed to know that wasn’t okay to say? They HAD! The principal let me in on a secret, “you can’t DO THAT!”. That’s when parents call. I found other ways to say LOTS of things. Now, I kinda suck at learning the complete map of Easton so I can deliver these kids safely home on the school bus. I’m working on it. I’m gonna try looking at it as another human body system, like the muscular system or the respiratory system. I’ll think of it in terms of something that I’m more comfortable with…not a MAP. I’ll be sure though not to tell the rowdy little buggers on board, to sit down and be quiet…you’ve pissed me off. I’ll say, ” I’m concerned about your safety, you should sit down, cuz if we crash…you’re gonna DIE!” Better?

Comments: What have you gotten better at over time, and you were terrible in the beginning?



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2 responses to “Van Gogh sucked too!

  1. Denise Allen

    Asking for help and accepting it! That was a huge lesson:-)


  2. That’s a good one Denise:) What was the catalyst? Might it have been…art?


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