MS Hug or Heart Attack?

1:30 Home for lunch,  going back to work.

1:31 Heart pounding, chest pain


Ultrasound of my heart.

1:35 Left arm and hand hurt, radiating pain left from middle of back.

1:36 Pain increasing, using right hand to support left hand for relief.

1:36 Thought …WOW this hurts a lot. I’m okay, relax, take deep breathes. Back to work. Simple afternoon planned. Go.

1:50 Leave for work.

1:54 Nauseous, driving. Pull over. Pain sky rockets, call husband. I’ll be home, take me to the emergency room please.

2:06 Emergency room. Wheelchair.

2:08 E.R. check in, Husband gives insurance information and symptoms, parks car.

2:11 Toddler staring at me from Dads arms. My pain must look very scary to her. I force a smile.

2:12 Enters Rapid Response team. They whisk me away


I THINK:EKG not invasive. Sticky things on chest. No pain. Pain now …waaay over the top.

I HEAR:Heart Attack, Morphine, Nitroglycerin

I HEAR: Have you had any aspirin today? Swallow these.

I FEEL: Shirt coming off, sticky things going on.

I HEAR: Heart Attack.

I SEE: Husband listening to nurse.

I SAY: What do you mean HEART ATTACK? I’m not having a HEART ATTACK! Honey…this hurts.
I HEAR: You’ll feel better soon, morphine, nitroglycerine, Heart Attack.

I SAY: I can’t be having a heart attack, I’m a VEGAN!

I SEE: Mans unfriendly face close to mine with paper in hand.

I HEAR: SEE THIS! This says, in all ways, you’re a VEGAN having a HEART ATTACK!

I THINK: Screw you.

I SEE: Friendly face very close to mine saying, don’t worry, you’re going to see LOTS of people in the room doing LOTS of different things. It’s okay, just relax.

60 seconds later my clothes evaporate.


I SEE: My jeans moving toward my feet. No snaps, no buckles, nothing.

I THINK: OMG! But wait…my panties?! What if my period is on?

I SEE: Panties floating away, still inside jeans. No period. Thank you GEEZUS! Hello menopause.

I HEAR: Arteries blocked/ look inside/ heart working? Heart attack

I SAY: How?

I HEAR: Catheter/ groin/ artery/ heart/ look.

I THINK: Chest/sternum/ not cracked open /okay.

I SEE: New face, friendly, close to mine.

I HEAR: I’m Scott. I’ll be your bartender for the rest of the day.

I THINK: Morphine. Smile.

I SEE: I’m covered with a sheet.

I FEEL: Levitated.

I SEE: My toes, my husband, Scott, random people in hallway.

I SAY: My toes are really pretty. Honey, I need a toe ring.

I HEAR: Nothing.

I Feel: No pain.

heart. cathetermed

Can you see the catheter in my heart? The hook. Look closer. AWESOME



Have you ever experienced either?

What do YOU think it was?



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18 responses to “MS hug or HEART ATTACK!

  1. Olivia

    You can’t give us a post like that and leave us hanging!!! HOW are you???


  2. Anonymous

    MS hug???? What was it?????


  3. omg, the suspense is awful. Obviously you’re okay if you wrote this, but how very scary for you. Excellent writing btw.


  4. Can I get a drum-roll please 🙂 This time (and hopefully the only time) it was a Stress Induced Cardiac Myopathy. What a mouth-ful! Also called Broken Heart Syndrome. It was/is SOOO interesting to me. I can be weird like that. Please check back…I’m gonna do a post on just that. Get this, it happens 90% of the time in women who are post menopausal. Ain’t that a “B”. Like that whole hormonal thing isn’t bad enough (LOL)


  5. It was the scariest ever, but it was so exciting while it was going on (I can be weird like that) there wasn’t time to really focus on being scared. Plus the fact that I’m a VEGAN and I was truly insulted the whole time. How DARE they!
    ps…I’m glad you liked the writing. I had fun with it:)


  6. Hey Honey…I’m better! I couldn’t WAIT to write this one!You know me and SCIENCE!Fascinating:)


  7. Meg

    I did have a heart attack and many of those thoughts you share in this post went racing through my mind. I also wrote about it here:

    Thank you for your post. Made me feel a bit more normal. So glad you’re ok!


  8. Meg, I’ve been to your blog and really appreciate you leaving the link. I am slowly (very slowly) coming to deal with the emotional residue from this event. I tend to make light of ALL things health related due to the depth of the MS rabbit-hole. To go down that hole is frightening. What I mean is, once I begin to look beyond the surface, it can be difficult to clearly address health issues with any sense of certainty that it is not MS related. This is a very good example. There is an MS symptom called an MS Hug. It has all of the characteristics that you and I experienced, but it’s not a heart attack. It actually passes and may or may not return. If it’s MS and you assume it’s a Hug but it’s not, you’re in big trouble.


  9. Meg

    Hey Estizer…Yeah, it takes a while for such events to sink in. I also understand not knowing what is MS and what is something else–and how much anxiety that can create on its own! I spent 10 years in a diagnostic cyclone because I had several MS symptoms but nothing could be found on an MRI. I think most of the symptoms were due to disk problems in my spine. I finally had surgery because I was tired of thinking I was having another heart attack every time my back ached. I actually have problems now with rib pain that almost mimics heart pain — I guess this is fairly common among postmenopausal women. Sometimes you’ve just got to take a deep breath. One thing I try to remember about whether or not something is a heart attack: if the pain lasts for more than a few minutes (oftentimes, weeks!), is located in the back, jaw, or chest, and you feel like you can’t breathe when you walk or doing simple exercise, it is time to see a doc. Most of the chest pain I have now comes in zaps, so I know that isn’t heart related.

    Sigh. Just know that you aren’t alone, and if you ever need someone to talk with about it, I’m just a post away! All my best to you!


  10. Meg, I’m so glad you shared even more! I was blown away to learn of Takosudo, commonly called “Broken Heart” syndrome. Only recognized within the last 5 years, 90% postmenopausal women showing the exact set of symptoms that I was showing. Basically a heart attack with no blockage. You’ve got me so excited by the facts you’ve cited…I’m getting ahead of myself and giving away the secrets of my next post, but you’ve just GOTTA know about this!


  11. Meg

    Excellent! Can’t wait to read it! Thanks, Estizer!


  12. Meg

    P.S. i know you have more than 200 followers but I still nominated you for a Liebster so more newbies like me find you:


  13. Phew! So glad to find out…from comment section…that it was NOT a heart attack! Geeper woman, don’t scare people like that! 🙂


  14. I love it! You’re funny :))


  15. Well Val, not a heart attack exactly :/ Just a “thing” meant to get my attention. It worked.


  16. Hi Olivia! I’m great AND grateful. But…I did love the part where I could leave you hanging (lol) How often will I have THAT 🙂


  17. MissFlorence

    SHUT UP!
    Glad you’re better/ok/fine/enjoying the experience/forever the teacher/and in the midst of it took the time to clutch the pearls because you’re a vegan! What is God tired of repeating to you?


  18. LOL! Good question Flo.I’m not sure :/ I’ll be listening better now tho.


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