Missing You

On June 22, I had a post suggesting that I would be blogging less. Well, that’s ridiculous. I still think and write through the eyes of my blog. I see everything through the eyes of…how can I blog about that, or, that should be a blog post or, hmmm, I wonder how I can make that INTERESTING? So I guess this means I’ve missed you, even though I haven’t actually gone anywhere, and “you” is, my three friends, two of whom I talk to weekly.

FINE! What I really miss obviously is…blogging. Researching stuff, learning stuff, being fascinated, and having a good reason to surf the internet! MS, is my excuse, and guess who I found today??

Tamia! One of my husbands favorite artist, and can you see why? She’s talented…of course! LOL

He was also the one to tell me that Tamia was diagnosed with MS.

This saddens me, but from my own experience, I know this definitely is NOT the end of the world. She is still quite HOT and she inspires me, and my husband too! Tee hee hee 🙂


Now, nice little break! Back to the point. What do you like to do? (me…I know I’ve gotta remind you after all that hotness, writing) What do you use as your excuse? (me? blogging) Annd you definitely don’t have to have MS to answer this :/ Jump right in!



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5 responses to “Missing You

  1. Denise Allen

    Girl, you know what I like to do ,PHOTOGRAPHY! I am happy to say that I am doing it. Writing grants for it (I haven’t gotten any but, it is only a matter of time) and working on documentary projects for my school district. Yes, I am in the game! Woohoo 🙂 God is good


  2. Denise, that’s what I wanna hear!!


  3. ADayInTheLifeofM.S.Lily

    Yes. My guy said the same. Its a lot of people who are coming out saying they have M.S., recently too. I’m glad. I love Tamia and her music.


  4. Thanks for stopping by Lily :)I think you’re right about the newly diagnosed patients increasing in number. Hopefully it’s because we’re not ignoring health issues so much anymore. It’s also been MUCH easier to diagnose due to the use of the MRI. Did you know that. not too long ago the only method for diagnosing MS was something called the hot bath test. Yep…it was just that; patients were told (suspected patients) to take a hot bath and if their symptoms worsened…they had MS:/ That was all they had 😦


  5. You are SO right…it’s just a matter of time!


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