The Struggle

The Struggle

I struggle to get kids out of the house with some kinda breakfast, Eggo Waffles in the car, spelling quiz in the car, pull over to yell effectively about wrong words. Doesn’t everyone do this? Get to work, park my car on E. Not the car…me. At work, struggle to pee, no time for that, struggle to teach, to be patient, answer questions, give guidance, go to meetings. Stay awake in them, have fire drills. Struggle to get kids to soccer, tennis, and gymnastics. Take sitter to play with one while the other is in activity. I drink coffee and wait. Struggle to get home, struggle to get family feed, struggle to do homework. Struggle to read stories, fall asleep while reading Harry Potter…again, struggle to grade papers, keep up, Hubby does my report for work, struggling with cog fog, can’t concentrate, struggle to create a test…couldn’t. Struggle to be patient, struggle to be a loving mom, struggle to want sex, sticky notes on bathroom mirror, reminders, HAVE SEX, MORE SEX, ANY SEX, SEX IS GOOD, grade papers 6:00a.m. on SUN. morning at Cracker Barrel, grade and plan from til 12, at noon “Mommy, Mommy!” music to my ears, I miss my family, husband struggles alone with two kids. Try to grade papers, after school; tennis club, drink LOTS of vending machine coffee, after school soccer stay in car to grade papers, instant sleep. Sat. grade papers, pass out, struggle to get to ballet with Avonex side effects, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Celebrex (found to be unsafe, taken off market). Struggle to meditate so that I could struggle more. Struggle to not kill anybody, struggle to stay married, struggle to have date-nights, struggle to get sitter, Chinese food and movie from blockbuster.

I had to stop struggling so I, quit.

HELP! I need your feedback more than ever. I am writing in preparation to speak to groups WITH and WITHOUT MS. Groups that are struggling for one reason or another. To make my presence as meaningful as possible, please tell me if you can relate to “The Struggle” in ANY way and if so how?



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5 responses to “The Struggle

  1. Theresa Jones

    I completely relate to this 100%! Every single task is a struggle! It’s a time consuming struggle just to plan a day out for my family & I. Nothing is easy/simple anymore. Just to do 4 loads of laundry takes 2 days, an hour for a shower, and weeks for next month’s budget. MS should stand for MAJOR STRUGGLE, minimum satisfaction, and missing strength!


  2. Theresa, somebody gets it! Thank you.
    Oh, and I like…”Major Struggle”


  3. Denise Allen

    I get it! I don’t have MS but I have lupus and a form of sickle cell. The struggle gets worse the older we get. One thing about the struggle, it has made me simplify life and try to focus on what is really important and what my real purpose is.


  4. Denise I’m so glad you recognized the need to simplify early on!


  5. Denise, did you shoot the “Supermoon”? I’m not taking my camera out, but I would like to at least SEE it :/


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