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Meet me outside my comfort zone: “At the Falls”

After my Photo shoot with Abby, I am feeling quite cocky, maybe a little too cocky. I announce that I am going to Bushkill Falls, PA, by myself. To be comfortable outside of one’s comfort zone, you’ve got to go there daily. Eventually, what’s uncomfortable becomes comfortable again. That’s what I tell myself.


I’ve been there many times, hiked the whole thing with my camera and tripod, and taken beautiful shots. So, I know full well the challenge I am about to undertake.  There is no way I can do the hike. I won’t be able to do more than walk in and make it to the first lookout. It’s not far at all from the entrance and I’ll see the first fall from there. I’m sure it is there for old people to enjoy while their family hikes on. Genius! I’ll go THERE! I’ll take my real camera and carry my tripod over my shoulder. This could be a balance catastrophe. If it comes down to me, or my camera, I’m going down!

I make the hour drive high up into the Pocono Mountains. I arrive. Note to my local friends: the flashing light where you turn left is no longer there.

I prepare to get out. Two pound camera around my neck and five pound tripod over my shoulder, and off I go.

I am worried as hell. But I… “look so good”.

High in the Poconos, stream fed waters empty into the Main Fall which is a 100 foot drop, then travels though a 75 foot long gorge and empties into the Delaware River. It’s called “The Niagara of Pennsylvania”.

Gingerly, I make it to the first lookout which is my destination. SUCCESS! But, the shots I get there are lame. It’s just the top of the Main Fall. ANTI-CLIMATIC to say the least. Did I really just lug my camera and tripod here for this?? If I go home now, this will be a TOTAL waste of time.

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I had hiked the entire two mile trail and seen all SEVEN Falls, up close and personal. But…not today. I know my limits.

BAH HUM BUG! I’m going down! Which means going down more than 100 steps (I stop counting at 80) and walking additional trail to get to the bottom of the Main Fall and the top of the Gorge?

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Now THIS is beautiful, and there are six more falls over a two mile hike. Hmmm…maybe not.

The park closes for the season in November and the foliage will be AH-mazing. That does it, I’ll be back. I’ll make it to the second Fall and go home happy.

Push yourself. Go outside of your comfort zone. You’ll discover you can recover some of the old you, or if you’re lucky, you’ll discover something even better…a new you.

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