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Teenage Caregivers and MS

The first thing he said when they got me in the chair was “I’m glad you weigh less than Grandma!” when we gave him the look of shame, he quickly said “no, no, I just mean for maneuvering is all!” and off we went to the mall. She and I were on a mission, we had it all planned out, he was just there for man power and lunch at Chipotles. We’re in our favorite department store on the second floor nearing the end of the aisle where there’s only one thing ahead of us it seems and he finally says, “Where are we going?” She and I together say, “Lingerie”. He says loud and in shock, “LINGERIE?” Now surrounded by bras…big ones, lots of them, eye level, closing in on him, he says, “but why! for what! for WHO!?” We’re both laughing hysterically! Clearly he doesn’t see what could be so funny. When I catch my breath I say, “We need to buy your sister some underwear”. He shakes his head and says, “why didn’t you just SAY that?”
Next stop Victoria’s Secrets.



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Run Forest Run!

The family went out to dinner tonight and everybody got out of the car leaving me to get out last. This is more and more the case lately. I look across the parking lot and they are all standing there waiting on me and watching. I close the car door and prepare to cross the parking lot when my husband yells out in his best southern Jenny voice “Run Forest…RUN!!”

I almost pee in my pants right there in the parking lot I’m laughing so hard! Don’t you worry, I make him feel bad about it all night long (wink, wink) It still cracks me up- just typing it here, Run, Forest… RUN, hee, hee, hee!

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