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Focus Beyond MS

Do you have an unforeseen life situation that has changed the way you see your future? Is it time for you to find new focus? What will it be?


Excerpt taken from MS CONNECTION, NMSS Greater Delaware Valley Chapter 2009 Issue 1

Excerpt taken from MS CONNECTION, NMSS Greater Delaware Valley Chapter 2009 Issue 1

Managing MS or any chronic illness requires a variety of tactics. For me, one is to stay focused on something outside of myself, outside of my head. There is no MS out there.

Jobs are an excellent way to accomplish this. Unfortunately, when my job went away, so did much of the focus on something outside of my body.

Me, teaching Honors Anatomy and Physiology 2003. My last year in the classroom.

Me, teaching Honors Anatomy and Physiology 2003. My last year in the classroom.

Soon after this, I entered photography classes. Classes turned into an internship, and interns are not usually (ok never) as old as I am. The challenge made it more meaningful to me. I was learning new things. Out and about, doing things I had never done before. I was over the moon! Because of this new skill in my life, I was able to create a very emotional photo documentary and book, “Welcome Home”.

Below: A production of Public Broadcasting Station 39 (PBS39)

As my MS changes, so must my focus. What’s important is that I have one.  My current focus is this blog. Because my blog is about MS and me, I have to be very careful. As long as I keep my focus on educating and inspiring others, I’m safe. Admittedly, this is difficult to do at times, hence the need for other focuses.

Acting in “The Vagina Monologues” has become my focus during the spring of each year, for the last 5 years. The reason for this play is to raise money to help stop violence against women and girls, worldwide.

"Vagina Monologues" written by Eve Ensler. Performance, Doylestown, PA 2011

“Vagina Monologues” written by Eve Ensler. Performance, Doylestown, PA 2011

Over time, I have become aware of just how important this is in my life. I am putting much thought into my next focus. It will have the power to educate, motivate and inspire ME. I have to get stronger, physically and build my endurance. I must engage the social aspect of me, I’ve become a bit of a recluse. For my next focus to be able to do all of those things, it must be huge!

I’ve GOT it! Bike MS 2015! Training began yesterday. I walked to the corner and BACK! I’m a beast!

bigstock-Autumn-bike-riding--intention-24879752Comments and Thoughts: What have you used to stay out of your body? Outside your head? Has it had to change with your illness? If so, how?

Focus Beyond MS

Focus Beyond MS


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Fear and MS

Monsters, INC

Let’s talk about scary! When I was first diagnosed with MS, I made a conscious decision to stay far away from all things MS. It all scared the begeebee’s out of me; I wouldn’t even read the National MS Society magazine because of those scary aids and pictures in the back for mobility assistance devices. To think that one day I might need one of those was too much for me. I’m ashamed of the fact that I was even afraid of people with MS, although I didn’t know any. I couldn’t face seeing what I knew might happen to me.

For the first six years or so, I didn’t get the magazine. One day I was in my husband’s home office and I went in a drawer and found not porn magazines… but 6 years worth of National MS Society magazines! He had been getting the mail every day, as a part of his routine, so I just never noticed. In that time he researched everything he could about MS, my symptoms, and my drugs.

The most important part for me is that he never let me know…ever. Not one statistic or sad story…nothing. I think he saw something in spite of my upbeat, optimistic, cheerleader self, that was dark, and it came with my diagnosis. It was fear. Over the next few years, I took it in, in very small pieces. I eventually found a very good doctor whom I could talk to, and I trusted. It was always about just me and what was going on right in that moment. Never about what could happen.

But now, I want to know EVERYTHING, so bring it on! I have a better understanding why MS is called the “snowflake” disease. Like snowflakes, no one person with MS, is exactly like another. I also realized that not everything I read was going to happen to me.

My practical advice to you is:

1)      Be your own advocate. Learn all that you can about this disease; be sure, though, to keep it just to what is happening with you in this moment. You can eat an elephant, only one bite at a time.

2)      Find good doctors; shop around. Communicate well with them and insist that they do the same with you. You will create a “team” and you are the Quarterback.

3)      Stay away from the internet, except my blog of course (LOL). As I come across blogs to suggest, I will post them. There IS good information out here, but limit your surfing. Carefully choose a few blogs to follow that have the tempo that suites you and ONLY do research using legitimate science and health sites.

4)      You will need help; you will need support. Get it – a spouse, a friend, a mother, a sibling, even a child. You may need to say “I need you. Please stay informed about this disease for me. Or with me”. Explain that it is overwhelming and frightening. Explain the “snowflake theory” as well. For goodness sake, whatever you do, don’t get someone as freaked out as you.

5)      A Clinical Psychologist has also always been a part of my team. Again, shop around.

6)      Last but not least…ask me! I will do my best to help you with whatever information and support that I can.

7)      Oh…and breathe!

COMMENTS and THOUGHTS:What was your experience when first diagnosed? Will you share your strategies to overcome the fear?


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